Unique transport concept within European Shortsea

40 ton loading capacity

Our fleet of 250 x 40FT HC ISO Flatracks are designed to offer you the possibility to load up to 40 ton payload between the Belgian ports Zeebrugge, Ghent and Antwerp and the Russian and Baltic ports Riga, Klaipeda and Sint-Petersburg.

Loading 40 ton cargo per 40ft Flatrack = taking away approximately two trailers from the road. At the arrival port, the 40 ton is loaded on barge or train for further oncarriage or delivered by two road trailers to cover the last mile.

Our platform in Riga, Latvia offers various rail connections to Moscow, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asian countries Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,…

We value our customers by offering this mix of cost efficiency and low carbon footprint.

Flanders Timber Platform

Being located in the centre of Europe, all Flemish ports offer various connections and daily departures to the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, etc…

In the sawn timber industry, our Flatracks offer many advantages:

  1. You can load up to 40 ton
  2. Your cargo can breathe since it is transported in open air
  3. Easy to discharge different lenghts of timber
  4. Flatracks are scaled at Riga so you know exactly how many weight is loaded

Door to door transport

We bring your cargo from the loading place till your clients’ doorstep by either truck, rail or barge, subject your service needs and requirements, just in time!

Our network

Intra-European shortsea between Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Eastern countries, Baltic States, Russia and CIS-countries.

Our target industries

Timber, Wood, Steel, Bricks, Tubes, Pipes, Project cargo, Machinery, Automotive, Construction materials,…

Tubes pipes

Steel wire

Trucking activities to/from France

A fleet of 80 trucks together with 100 x 40/45ft container chassis connect all Belgian and Dutch ports with the whole of France.


Flat racks are perfect to transport our breathable cargo all over Europe

"Flat racks are perfect to transport our breathable cargo all over Europe!”

The wooden pallets and crates we manufacture need fresh air while being transported, so a regular closed container wasn’t an option. 5G Multimodal had the solution to our problem. Their flat racks are perfect to transport our breathable cargo all over Europe! Its open construction makes loading and unloading super easy. Our transport flow has never been better.”

Partick Cappoen
Managing Director Paletten De Backer

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